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Hey guys! Here is my first attempt to fuse my two interests(anime and self growth) together. And this is my first video as well. I’d be glad to hear your feedback and suggestions.Hope you enjoy it 🙂


Be imperfect

It is not a secret that perfection is the greatest killer of productivity.To attain perfection one has to repeat the same process again and again and it is a daunting work.It is only a matter of time before we get bored and start procrastinating.In the end we would neither have achieved perfection nor made any progress.

“The surest way to procrastinate is to expect perfect results.”

Mentality of a perfectionist:
A perfectionist dreads failures as he seeks a perfect result.On failure such a person gets guilty and dejected and never tries again.This leads to procrastination.Such a person does not realize that it is possible to learn from mistakes.

Everyone knows that perfection takes time and so does the perfectionist.A perfectionist uses this as a reason to have no time limit/to adjust the limit as he please.But,he gets relaxed that he has got a lot of time and instead of using that time to perfect his skills he ends up procrastinating .Then comes the guilt and more procrastination.This cycle goes on.

Be open to failures:
Being imperfect means having no worries about failures.We are always aware that failure is possible.So it is easy for such a person to learn from his mistakes.In that case,the only thing we need to do is to learn from our failures and try not make the same mistake again.

“Study your failures.”

So being imperfect is necessary to make progress.We can still achieve mastery by progressing forward.After all we need to know the wrong to right it.It is your choice to either perfect one skill or to learn multiple skills.But as mentioned earlier the perfectionist trap will  always be ready to bog you down if you choose perfection.So be open to failures,know that you don’t know everything and have the mindset of a learner,a person who seeks the message,the lesson in everything.This is the surest way to achieve success.

How to finish what you start

Have you ever been in a situation where you decided to work on a personal project when you felt motivated and driven and finally when the adrenaline subsided you asked yourself should I really do this and ended up giving up on the project?Maybe you realized that,that particular project was no longer necessary,maybe you noticed that you have several other stuffs to do,maybe you found it boring,maybe you realized that it requires a lot of commitment.But,if the same thing happens whenever you start a new project,this act of quitting might actually become a habit.This is a result of neuroplasticity, where our brain changes its structure according to our actions.But,I’m  not necessarily saying that we have to finish everything that we started,but to be really careful in choosing when to quit.

When to quit:
You have to ask yourself this question:

“If I quit doing this right now,am I ready to never take this project again?”

If the answer is “yes, I am never going to think of this project again”, then it is okay to quit.But if you realize that all you wanted to do is to postpone the task,the you should not quit.You should make yourself to finish the task.This is the finisher’s habit and this is one of the habits that differentiates successful people from the ordinary people.Ofcourse,this depends on the situation you are in.Maybe you truly desire to continue the project but you have something important to do and you decided to postpone it.If that is the case it is okay,because you are certain that you will continue the work later on.But on the contrary,if you plan to postpone it just because you have a lot of time and no compulsion to complete it,then you should not quit.

Categorizing the task:
All the activities we do can be classified into experiments and commitments.

  • Experiments are okay to quit. The goal of the experiment is to not be afraid to try something out, so you want to lower the barriers to getting started. If you later don’t feel like doing it, you can stop, no guilt or stress.
  • Commitments need to be carried out to the very end. The goal of a commitment is to not break your finisher’s habit. Unless it becomes impossible to finish your commitment, you continue going forward with it.

Categorizing the activity before starting a project helps us to be mentally ready to finish the task(if it is a commitment)no matter what it takes.

Be disciplined:

If we decide to do things only when we feel like it,then most of us will spend our time slacking off .So we need more discipline.Here are some tips to be more disciplined.

  • Most of the time what we need is motivation.So you have to practice visualizing your goal everyday in the morning.You have to emotionally engage with the work,so that you can be motivated.Visualize the end result and how you feel on finishing the work.
  • Don’t wait and do your work right away.Don’t think of procrastinating even once in a while until the work is complete.
  • Have a schedule.Don’t let you life to be ruled by randomness.
  • Celebrate your progress and your discipline.You have to reward yourself for being persistent.

All you have to do is to decide to become a finisher.If you can make finishing a habit you can achieve more than you could have ever expected.So what are we waiting for,let’s go and finish that task which we have been postponing and become a finisher ourself.


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Here we are.

This …is the moment,the moment of truth.

All that I’ve done so far

Is finally going to yield the fruit.

I know it will.

This…is the moment for which

I’ve been waiting for.

My craving for a change

Ended up in a fight,

A fight against the past

A fight for the future.

Sure wasn’t easy.

When I felt I had things in control

Came the greatest despair.

I was knocked down to my knees.

As if…as if I’m not worthy of happiness.

As if the world was plotting against me.

I fell,fell deep down into the darkness

Just to realize that

I …am still alive.

Still alive to seek the change.

Still alive to be the change.

So I got up,got up knowing that I can’t fail,

Because no matter how many times I fall

I’ll still be alive to move on.

With this perspective

I forced through the fear and doubt

I faced them head on and

Found the secret,the secret that

They…had no power,

Unless I give them the power.

I found myself,found my heart.

Being whole again,I worked,worked hard

So that I achieve that one thing

That I’ve always wanted.

And this is the moment to know

If I will get it.

But,I’ve already crossed the point

Where I doubted myself.

Now I just know that I… can’t loose.

So here I stand,

With nothing but hope,

Yet feeling invincible

Waiting to see the result of my work

Waiting to say,’I did it’.

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Take actions now

Every action has a consequences and each consequence has consequences as well.As a matter of fact the present situation we are in is the result of and past actions and consequences.

Image result for butterfly effect steins gate

The point is our actions can have unintended effects on our lives.We will never know for sure,what the result of an action will be.But  we can take actions that has our goal as one of the consequences.That is why there is nothing such as good decision or a bad decision.The actions that are taken after our  decision is what that designs our future.

A decision is something that is done in the mental world and it does not have any effect in the physical world unless actions are taken based on the decisions.So we don’t have to spend much time on deciding,because how you handle things after the decision is what it counts.

You don’t have to be great to get started,but you have to get started to be great

~Les brown

But we have to make sure to follow our heart and not the ego.You should do things because your true and authentic-self  wanted to do it and not because the society wanted you to do or you wanted to please the society.Such actions will only cause you trouble.You might have failures when you follow your heart,but you have to realize that failures gives you the knowledge to reach the next level.So a failure is not just a failure,it actually teaches you something.

The key thing is to be firm on our actions.Self-doubt will only cause problems.And if we are going to take action to achieve something,we have to make sure that we see it through the end,no matter what.Because as time goes by we won’t feel as motivated as we were in the beginning of the process.


You have to make sure that you are not so hard on yourself,because if you push yourself so hard,chances are you will get stressed and because of it you will not be able to focus on whatever you are working on.So when you do not feel motivated give yourself the time to get over it,visualize the end results of your goal and feel how you would feel when you have achieved your goal.But make sure that you don’t resort to diversions which will pull you away from your goal.So the best thing to do is to stop doing everything and connect with yourself and then motivate yourself.You don’t have to worry about the time,taking breaks will only increase your productivity.This is the easy way.

You have to be happy in the now,if you want to be happy in the future.You attract what you are.

Or,if you want to do it the hard way,just hustle.Put your blood,sweat and tears into your work and achieve your goal by means of  a struggle. But no matter what remember to take actions in the now.

One step at a time

Everyone at one point in their life will seek for a change.When people feel empowered they take radical actions to change their lives,but they try to change everything at the same time.When they do so,on the longer run,they most probably will get overwhelmed and quit on whatever they are working on because of the stress that it imposes.We can only handle so much at a time.


Besides if you want to change everything that you were in the past,your past -self won’t allow to do it so easily.The simple solution is to take one step at a time.

When we are at the top of our mood,we might feel that we can do anything.But the reality is that not everyone will be able to stay that positive on the longer run.So when we feel more vibrant we need to think if we will be able to take on multiple things simultaneously even when we are lazy,and prepare for those down times in advance.Moving is what that matters,slow or fast doesn’t matter because this is not a race.This is LIFE.

Just breathe in breathe out and remember that moving forward means taking it one step at a time


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How a goal should be

We all have goals and dreams that we want to realize.But most of the people have goals that are completely bound to reality and are  mostly something they are sure that they can achieve.Unfortunately such goals barely move the needle.


A goal should be something that is dream driven and most importantly,something that is not grounded down by the weights of our reality.Our reality keeps changing and so does our present situations.Hence,limiting our thoughts to the present won’t help us to get to the next level.These dream driven goals,though they seem to be impossible at the present moment,no,because they are impossible in the present moment they are powerful.

These goals which are not measured require a new and upgraded version of yourself to achieve them.These goals help us to improve our lives for the better and enables us to reach the next level.But on the other hand limited,measurable and  attainable goals are already attainable and does not require a greater version to achieve it.

A goal should be something that gives a new identity and elevates us to the next level.

We need to remember that present is not constant.Change is the only constant.Our lives could always spiral up in the future.


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Question:What do you think a goal should be?I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

The power of questioning:

There is no answer without a question,and there is no question without an answer.There is no one right answer either.What matters the most is clairvoyance.

Right questions=right answers

lousy questions=lousy answers

So,what is the right question?A right question, is a question that will lead you to the root of the problem.But,the answers you get, depends on your beliefs,so you should consider questioning your belief system and acknowledging what seems true.

A belief is something that should not be  INHERITED.

Now that you know the root cause of your problem,you can work on finding your answer,and this will probably be a PERMANENT FIX.Questioning things leads us to innovation,and sometimes we might find that it is that one limiting belief that we had inherited from someone that keeps us chained from reaching a whole new level in our lives.

Here is a video that I stumbled into,which inspired me to write this article.

Let’s change our questions and change our lives.


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