Be imperfect

It is not a secret that perfection is the greatest killer of productivity.To attain perfection one has to repeat the same process again and again and it is a daunting work.It is only a matter of time before we get bored and start procrastinating.In the end we would neither have achieved perfection nor made any progress.

“The surest way to procrastinate is to expect perfect results.”

Mentality of a perfectionist:
A perfectionist dreads failures as he seeks a perfect result.On failure such a person gets guilty and dejected and never tries again.This leads to procrastination.Such a person does not realize that it is possible to learn from mistakes.

Everyone knows that perfection takes time and so does the perfectionist.A perfectionist uses this as a reason to have no time limit/to adjust the limit as he please.But,he gets relaxed that he has got a lot of time and instead of using that time to perfect his skills he ends up procrastinating .Then comes the guilt and more procrastination.This cycle goes on.

Be open to failures:
Being imperfect means having no worries about failures.We are always aware that failure is possible.So it is easy for such a person to learn from his mistakes.In that case,the only thing we need to do is to learn from our failures and try not make the same mistake again.

“Study your failures.”

So being imperfect is necessary to make progress.We can still achieve mastery by progressing forward.After all we need to know the wrong to right it.It is your choice to either perfect one skill or to learn multiple skills.But as mentioned earlier the perfectionist trap will  always be ready to bog you down if you choose perfection.So be open to failures,know that you don’t know everything and have the mindset of a learner,a person who seeks the message,the lesson in everything.This is the surest way to achieve success.


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