How to finish what you start

Have you ever been in a situation where you decided to work on a personal project when you felt motivated and driven and finally when the adrenaline subsided you asked yourself should I really do this and ended up giving up on the project?Maybe you realized that,that particular project was no longer necessary,maybe you noticed that you have several other stuffs to do,maybe you found it boring,maybe you realized that it requires a lot of commitment.But,if the same thing happens whenever you start a new project,this act of quitting might actually become a habit.This is a result of neuroplasticity, where our brain changes its structure according to our actions.But,I’m  not necessarily saying that we have to finish everything that we started,but to be really careful in choosing when to quit.

When to quit:
You have to ask yourself this question:

“If I quit doing this right now,am I ready to never take this project again?”

If the answer is “yes, I am never going to think of this project again”, then it is okay to quit.But if you realize that all you wanted to do is to postpone the task,the you should not quit.You should make yourself to finish the task.This is the finisher’s habit and this is one of the habits that differentiates successful people from the ordinary people.Ofcourse,this depends on the situation you are in.Maybe you truly desire to continue the project but you have something important to do and you decided to postpone it.If that is the case it is okay,because you are certain that you will continue the work later on.But on the contrary,if you plan to postpone it just because you have a lot of time and no compulsion to complete it,then you should not quit.

Categorizing the task:
All the activities we do can be classified into experiments and commitments.

  • Experiments are okay to quit. The goal of the experiment is to not be afraid to try something out, so you want to lower the barriers to getting started. If you later don’t feel like doing it, you can stop, no guilt or stress.
  • Commitments need to be carried out to the very end. The goal of a commitment is to not break your finisher’s habit. Unless it becomes impossible to finish your commitment, you continue going forward with it.

Categorizing the activity before starting a project helps us to be mentally ready to finish the task(if it is a commitment)no matter what it takes.

Be disciplined:

If we decide to do things only when we feel like it,then most of us will spend our time slacking off .So we need more discipline.Here are some tips to be more disciplined.

  • Most of the time what we need is motivation.So you have to practice visualizing your goal everyday in the morning.You have to emotionally engage with the work,so that you can be motivated.Visualize the end result and how you feel on finishing the work.
  • Don’t wait and do your work right away.Don’t think of procrastinating even once in a while until the work is complete.
  • Have a schedule.Don’t let you life to be ruled by randomness.
  • Celebrate your progress and your discipline.You have to reward yourself for being persistent.

All you have to do is to decide to become a finisher.If you can make finishing a habit you can achieve more than you could have ever expected.So what are we waiting for,let’s go and finish that task which we have been postponing and become a finisher ourself.


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