How to attain inner peace

Hey,is your mind overflowing with thoughts right now that you are starting to feel obnoxious?Are you stressed out and overwhelmed by the challenges of your everyday life?Do you feel like everything is going out of control and you are helpless?If that’s the case what you have to do is to find your inner peace.Ofcourse,being peaceful won’t change your situation,but it will considerably change the way you handle the situation.When you have a peaceful and tranquil mind you can easily find solutions to problems,but on the contrary if you are stressed out the task becomes more and more heavier leading to increased stressed,and then you will start worrying about the stress which will lead you to a greater stress.

Stress about stress has greater impact than the stress itself

So,what should I do to find my inner peace?Here are the important factors,which I believe would enable one to find his/her inner peace.

1)Having a purpose:

Having a purpose,a mission that you believe that you are born to do and being in alignment with that purpose is a key factor for attaining inner peace.A purpose is a compass that will lead us to the destination that will lead us to true happiness and tranquility.A man without a purpose is a lost soul as he is already living ,but has no reason to live.Such a person will find life to be boring and will often have a pessimistic attitude about life.And obviously life won’t be peaceful.
Having a purpose means having a destination and a path to embark on.When you are in alignment with your true life purpose,you will find peace and happiness in every moment of your life.Your life would become something that you would be proud of,a life you think would be worth living for.

2)Being your authentic self:

It is human nature to wear different persona at different situation.We pretend to be a nice person to strangers,we profess our ideas to others even though we don’t follow or truly believe them,we say yes to things which we actually don’t want to do.We do anything and everything we can to make others to see us as a respectable person.
But,the truth is no matter what we are,not everybody will like us.So it is our choice to either wear a fake identity and struggle to fit into a community in which most of our family members and friends are in or to be ourself and be a part of another community which we truly belong to.It doesn’t matter if people don’t accept your authentic self, because…well,they don’t have to.As long as you can accept yourself it is enough.But,if YOU find your thoughts and actions to be inappropriate,then it is time for you to upgrade your character.
So speak your mind,reveal your true self,find friends who like your true self,be vulnerable and stop judging yourself from the eyes of the others.After all being authentic means to be more vulnerable.If you can be authentic to everyone,you can enjoy the peace that comes out of being yourself and not having to always filter your thoughts and actions.

Speak your mind even if your voice shakes

3)A change in perspective:

Sometimes,all it takes to find peace is to view our lives in a different way.As mentioned earlier a situation stays the same,regardless if you are an optimist or pessimist.But,the point is,if you are an optimist you can find the good in everything,you can see the happiness that you already have in the here and now.Your attitude is what it matters.

Happiness is like glass,because one doesn’t notice it normally.However it is actually there.As proof if you change the angle and you look at it,the glass will reflect light.It will state it’s presence and existence more eloquently than any other thing in this world.

Don’t worry if you are currently suffering a hard time,because when you finally free yourself from the turmoil you will be able to feel and enjoy your life even more.If we don’t have a hard time,we won’t have anything to call as a blissful and serene time.We don’t have to make a hard time even harder by worrying about it now,need we?Change your perspective,change your attitude and find your inner peace.

4)Letting go:

Hey,are you someone who holds on to grudge?Are you not able to forgive yourself or someone else for what happened in the past?If so,then you should already know that you are the one holding yourself back from being peaceful and happy.
Forgiving people tend to be happier, healthier, and more empathetic.Researchers find unforgiving people to be hateful, angry, and hostile—which also makes them anxious, depressed, and neurotic.Forgiveness is also found to increase your alpha waves.Alpha waves are associated with high creativity, compassion, insight, forgiveness and love.Let go of the heavy baggage like revenge,anger,resentment,etc that holds you down.Let the past be past and live your life to the fullest in the present,to become what you want in the future.

Accept what is
Let go of what was
Have faith in what you will be.

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