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Here we are.

This …is the moment,the moment of truth.

All that I’ve done so far

Is finally going to yield the fruit.

I know it will.

This…is the moment for which

I’ve been waiting for.

My craving for a change

Ended up in a fight,

A fight against the past

A fight for the future.

Sure wasn’t easy.

When I felt I had things in control

Came the greatest despair.

I was knocked down to my knees.

As if…as if I’m not worthy of happiness.

As if the world was plotting against me.

I fell,fell deep down into the darkness

Just to realize that

I …am still alive.

Still alive to seek the change.

Still alive to be the change.

So I got up,got up knowing that I can’t fail,

Because no matter how many times I fall

I’ll still be alive to move on.

With this perspective

I forced through the fear and doubt

I faced them head on and

Found the secret,the secret that

They…had no power,

Unless I give them the power.

I found myself,found my heart.

Being whole again,I worked,worked hard

So that I achieve that one thing

That I’ve always wanted.

And this is the moment to know

If I will get it.

But,I’ve already crossed the point

Where I doubted myself.

Now I just know that I… can’t loose.

So here I stand,

With nothing but hope,

Yet feeling invincible

Waiting to see the result of my work

Waiting to say,’I did it’.

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