My desire

via Daily Prompt: Desire

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Is this all?…

Is this what life is all about?

Everything is gone…in a moment.

The joy,the sorrow,everything…Just gone.

I lay in my bed jaded

With an empty heart,musing through my past

Trying to find a purpose

To live on.

What I’ve been in the past?

A fragile little child,

Always desperate to please the world.

Hiding his true nature.

Is this what I crave?

Is this what I desire?

No,I deserve more.

I deserve a life,a life which

I could be proud of,

A life which I could be

Grateful for even when I’m in the grave.

A life which is one big,beautiful adventure.

A life in which each moment

Becomes more wondrous and beautiful

Than the previous one.


This is what I desire.