We are not born winner.

We are not born looser.

We are born chooser.

We humans live a life of infinite possibilities and those possibilities are the consequences of the decisions that we make.That is why we have no boundaries.We can achieve anything and everything if we truly believe that we can.Our present situation does not matter,because what we are is the result of the past and what we could be is the result of the present, which means we can change our future if we act now.

Therefore with faith in oneself one has to act in the now in order to design his/her destiny.Successful people are those who get to design their own life.But it is just a choice, but it is in our hands whether to design our own destiny or to let the society to design our destiny.

We have the power to change our lives for the better.We are the cause and the catalyst of our success.The hard times that we experience in our lives gives us the knowledge and experience to reach the next level in the future.It is just a matter of perspective.There is duality in everything;light and dark,hot and cold,ying and yang etc.It is necessary that we go through hard times so that we can enjoy the pleasant times.So change your perspective and be happy in the now.


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