Take actions now

Every action has a consequences and each consequence has consequences as well.As a matter of fact the present situation we are in is the result of and past actions and consequences.

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The point is our actions can have unintended effects on our lives.We will never know for sure,what the result of an action will be.But  we can take actions that has our goal as one of the consequences.That is why there is nothing such as good decision or a bad decision.The actions that are taken after our  decision is what that designs our future.

A decision is something that is done in the mental world and it does not have any effect in the physical world unless actions are taken based on the decisions.So we don’t have to spend much time on deciding,because how you handle things after the decision is what it counts.

You don’t have to be great to get started,but you have to get started to be great

~Les brown

But we have to make sure to follow our heart and not the ego.You should do things because your true and authentic-self  wanted to do it and not because the society wanted you to do or you wanted to please the society.Such actions will only cause you trouble.You might have failures when you follow your heart,but you have to realize that failures gives you the knowledge to reach the next level.So a failure is not just a failure,it actually teaches you something.

The key thing is to be firm on our actions.Self-doubt will only cause problems.And if we are going to take action to achieve something,we have to make sure that we see it through the end,no matter what.Because as time goes by we won’t feel as motivated as we were in the beginning of the process.


You have to make sure that you are not so hard on yourself,because if you push yourself so hard,chances are you will get stressed and because of it you will not be able to focus on whatever you are working on.So when you do not feel motivated give yourself the time to get over it,visualize the end results of your goal and feel how you would feel when you have achieved your goal.But make sure that you don’t resort to diversions which will pull you away from your goal.So the best thing to do is to stop doing everything and connect with yourself and then motivate yourself.You don’t have to worry about the time,taking breaks will only increase your productivity.This is the easy way.

You have to be happy in the now,if you want to be happy in the future.You attract what you are.

Or,if you want to do it the hard way,just hustle.Put your blood,sweat and tears into your work and achieve your goal by means of  a struggle. But no matter what remember to take actions in the now.


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