Why breathing deep is important

It is true that most of the life changing secrets in the world are simple.Following your heart,being grateful,thinking positive,visualization,eating healthy,etc.They are so simple that we almost forgot their significance.Human minds,by default,believe that sophisticated things are significant.But the truth cannot be any farther.One such simple thing that we tend to overlook is breathing.



Breathing deep helps us to relax our mind and connect with our body.It also helps in weight loss and has a profound effect on our energy level.Deep breathers could literally never run low on their battery,because breathing deep means more supply of  oxygen to the cells,and it is obvious that it will increase our performance as oxygen is the fuel for human cell .We all have experienced energy fluctuations before and we know that it kills productivity.But just by changing our breath pattern we could stay calm and energetic all day.It also enhances our ability to tolerate pain,stress,anxiety,etc.


Breathing in for 4 seconds and breathing out for 4 seconds is the ideal breath pattern that is known to reduce stress and anxiety.

In short,by changing our breath pattern we can improve our overall performance.So now let’s take a deep breath down from the spine,expanding our chests to the fullest and enjoy the moment.

If you know the art of breathing you have the strength,wisdom and courage of ten tigers

~Chinese Adage



Question:Do you love the art of breathing?Please share your experience and thoughts in the comment section below.




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