How a goal should be

We all have goals and dreams that we want to realize.But most of the people have goals that are completely bound to reality and are  mostly something they are sure that they can achieve.Unfortunately such goals barely move the needle.


A goal should be something that is dream driven and most importantly,something that is not grounded down by the weights of our reality.Our reality keeps changing and so does our present situations.Hence,limiting our thoughts to the present won’t help us to get to the next level.These dream driven goals,though they seem to be impossible at the present moment,no,because they are impossible in the present moment they are powerful.

These goals which are not measured require a new and upgraded version of yourself to achieve them.These goals help us to improve our lives for the better and enables us to reach the next level.But on the other hand limited,measurable and  attainable goals are already attainable and does not require a greater version to achieve it.

A goal should be something that gives a new identity and elevates us to the next level.

We need to remember that present is not constant.Change is the only constant.Our lives could always spiral up in the future.


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Question:What do you think a goal should be?I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.


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