The power of questioning:

There is no answer without a question,and there is no question without an answer.There is no one right answer either.What matters the most is clairvoyance.

Right questions=right answers

lousy questions=lousy answers

So,what is the right question?A right question, is a question that will lead you to the root of the problem.But,the answers you get, depends on your beliefs,so you should consider questioning your belief system and acknowledging what seems true.

A belief is something that should not be  INHERITED.

Now that you know the root cause of your problem,you can work on finding your answer,and this will probably be a PERMANENT FIX.Questioning things leads us to innovation,and sometimes we might find that it is that one limiting belief that we had inherited from someone that keeps us chained from reaching a whole new level in our lives.

Here is a video that I stumbled into,which inspired me to write this article.

Let’s change our questions and change our lives.


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